PST Software Suite

Gain control of Your PST Optical Tracker

The PST Software Suite is your central command hub for managing and maximizing the potential of your PST optical tracker. This software bridges the connection between your PC and the PST, establishing communication through a USB connection. With this suite, you can seamlessly share tracking data with other applications, utilizing diverse channels, including a native C++ API and ethernet connections. The PST Software Suite offers flexible access to one or multiple* optical trackers, enhancing your tracking capabilities.

Key Features

  • PST Client Application: Experience direct interaction with your optical tracker through the user-friendly PST Client application.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrate the PST Software Suite directly into your own application, eliminating the need for the PST Client.
    • Native C++ API: Gain full control and integration capabilities using the native C++ API, tailored to meet your specific needs.
    • REST Server Access: Access tracking data via HTTP through the REST server, ensuring smooth data retrieval.
  • Diverse Protocol Support: Leverage various protocols, including TrackD and VRPN, for versatility in your tracking applications.
  • Classic PST SDK: For those who prefer it, the Classic PST SDK is still available, although it requires the PST Client application.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Enjoy full compatibility with both Windows and Linux operating systems, enhancing flexibility in your tracking solutions.*

Elevate your tracking experience with the PST Software Suite, designed to offer you unmatched control and seamless integration with your PST optical tracker.

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*Available for selected PST systems

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