Custom Solutions

Welding simulator

This PST Pico integration shows simultaneous Head Tracking and Real Object Tracking.

  • System:PC or laptop
  • Hardware:PST Pico
  • Software:Unity
  • Trackable objects:3D glasses, 3D printed welding torch and welding object

Surgery simulator

Use the Harmonic Synergy Knife inside Vesalius3D.

  • System:PC
  • Hardware:PST Pico, 3D PluraView, footswitch
  • Software:Vesalius3D
  • Trackable objects:tracking ball, Harmonic Synergy Knife

Headtracking using Optical Tracking

The VIL is a virtual reality (VR) simulator, which is coupled with a real car. For this purpose, position and orientation of the car and the driver’s head are tracked, mapped and displayed in virtual reality.

PST trackers with the Mobile Tracking Unit

Real object tracking anywhere you want

This device allows users to use PST trackers anywhere they need to for up to 6 hours.
No need for cables, no need for WiFi.

PST-Base and PST-Iris with HMD’s

Work, train and plan with HMD’s using the actual instruments.

PS-Tech trackers are used in combination with HMD’s technologies. This allows users to use real objects and real interaction devices in combination with the enriched VR and AR environments.

Key advantages are :

  • validate and learn the real gesture
  • get accurate feedback on the real object position
  • get real feedback when the instruments are touching other objects

Learning the real gesture: Real Object Tracking vs. standard controllers

Using the PST Iris for 3D localization of sound sources

PS-Tech’s 3D localization technology is integrated within Microflown’s Scan & Paint 3D Solution, which aims to reduce the sound generated by different products, from gadgets to cars and airplanes.

The combination of both technologies allows 3D visualization of :

  • Sound intensity vectors
  • Particle velocity vectors
  • Sound pressure distribution

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