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Optical Tracking Systems

PS-Tech offers pre-calibrated marker based optical bar tracking systems for industrial, academic and medical applications. Whether you are a researcher looking for a single ‘plug and play’ tracker or want to have your own custom solution as an OEM. PS-Tech is your technology provider.

Our mission is to create strong, sustainable customer relationships by helping you interact with your (virtual) 3D environment

Our Tracking Products


User interaction tracking
when small size matters

  • The smallest member
    of the PST tracking family

PST-Base series

HD near field
optical tracking

  • Available in
    standard and HD version

PST-Iris series

Highly accurate tracking
within large volumes

  • Available in
    standard and HD version

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Easy Integration

Enhance your solution with optical tracking in 6 steps

Capture the 3D movement of your own tracking target and make it directly available in your own application. In only 6 simple steps, you can start integrating the tracking results! Our simple-to-use PST SDK offers a C++ API with C, C# and Python bindings, making it easy to integrate into any solution. Unreal and Unity plugins will soon be available for even more integration options.

Get Started

Looking for a custom solution?

PS-Tech’s optical tracking technology offering goes beyond the standard product offering. We offer custom tracker development and integrations.
Some examples are :
  • Optical tracker customizations
  • Form factor modifications
  • Tracker accuracy and speed requests
  • Medical trackers
  • Module development
  • Joint product developments
Some of our clients: