Custom solutions

PS-tech’s optical tracking technology offering goes beyond the standard product offering. We offer custom tracker development, joint product development as well as client specific customizations.

Optical tracker customizations

Standard optical trackers are a one size that fits many solutions. When there is a specific use case defined, PS-tech can optimize the standard optical trackers for that specific use case.

Examples :
  • Specific tracking area calibration
  • Specific lens choices
  • Tracking target development

Form factor modifications

Does the shape of the tracking unit not fit your needs? Contact us to discuss the options for modification.

Examples :
  • Integration into the design of a client’s product
  • Construction of different size bar tracker
  • Creation of waterproof and dustproof trackers

Tracker accuracy and speed requests

Our optical tracking technology can work with a wide range of camera’s and lenses and creating a custom tracker can be a solution for those with needs outside the standard range of the specifications.

Examples :
  • Large focal length (zoom) lenses
  • Full HD or 4K system
  • Framerates up to 750fps

Medical trackers

PS-tech’s optical tracking technology is suitable for sterile environments and is used in hospitals to aid physicians in navigating or measuring surgical tools.

Examples :
  • Surgical navigator
  • Endoscopic tracking
  • Surgical light manipulation
  • Headtracking in OR

Module development

When a feature is desired, or special functionality is required in the tracking software. PS-tech offers custom module development. On request features can be added to the tracking software.

Joint product developments

PS-tech is a partner in national and international projects where PS-tech has strategic or commercial interests. Within these projects PS-tech collaborates with third parties to realize a product or solution, which is of (commercial) interest to both parties.

Examples :
  • Medical applications and simulators
  • Continuous tracker development
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