Custom Solutions for 3D Virtual Reality Environments

PS-Tech's expertise in 3D visualization and 3D interaction is used to create interactive 3D virtual reality environments that can be found in many different places.

Such custom solutions for virtual reality environments can be created for a single day but can also be installed and run for many years. Our museum instalments, auditorium solutions and golden demos are examples of this.

The ability to re-use technology components allow PS-Tech to create custom 3D environments for users who do not need any knowledge of the technology. 

PS-Tech can supply the whole or just part of the required solution. We work with our clients to achieve the expectations and realize them on time and on budget. PS-Tech is your partner to develop specific technologies in 3D optical tracking and 3D visualizations.

You are invited to contact us and discuss specific needs.

Examples of contract work are:


Our contract work has included specific 3D workstations and environments, user specific content and applications. All to interactively show digitized content. These have been used at museums, research organizations, industrial settings and even in the French senate.

3D virtual reality customizations

PS-Tech's technology can be used in various instances and circumstances. However the possibilities can be overwhelming for non specialists. On request PS-Tech offers customization services to gear products towards a single, specific use case.

This often means that only those  functionalities of the software are visible that enable the user to fulfill that one specific task. In other words software is tuned towards the customer's specific needs and unwanted features are eliminated. Most often Vesalius3D that comes with the PSS and C-Station is customized for the the client's needs.

Examples of the customization of the Vesalius3D application are:

  • Optimizing the Vesalius3D library and datasets for educational modules (assisting the educational departments in higher education)
  • Optimize settings for specific workflow in cardiology and oncology (preset visualizations and state savings)
  • Settings for specific modalities in Vesalius3D (e.g. calibrated towards specific MRI machine usage)

For more information on Vesalius3D 

Module development

When customization of existing technology is not enough, PS-Tech assist its customers and research partners with module developments. Specific technology is developed and a new module is added to the core technology.

On clients request PS-Tech has developed (custom) optical trackers for clients, tracking modules and specific modules to its visualization software platform Vesalius3D.


  • Blood flow visualizations module for academic hospitals
  • Anatomy education module development for medical schools
  • A talking CT for educational use
  • Museum showcases
  • Hybrid trackers for industrial partners
  • Special purpose trackers that are fully integrated in third party solutions for industrial clients (e.g. measurement tools and welding tracker)
  • Special purpose trackers for simulators (medical and industrial)
  • Tracking module development for industrial customers in the automotive industry

example of museum solution

screenshot of talking CT module

Example of bloodflow visualization


Golden demos

The technologies of PS-Tech have a very high "show and tell" value. As such PS-Tech built demonstrators in its own National and European research projects. This service is also available for other parties.

PS-Tech has created golden demos for academic hospitals, universities, industry and research organizations.

Examples of golden demo-projects are:

  • Showing interactively the quality of ultrasound images of the IE33 probe of Philips ( to a large audience of cardiologists
  • Auditorium Conference visualization of cardiac data for the University Medical Center Utrecht (
  • Mass spectrometry visualization for Amolf in a 3D workstation linked to an auditorium setup
  • Live cross-continent 3D visualization and interaction between China and the Netherlands of 4D medical data (Amsterdam, Netherlands-Foshan, China)

Conference support by PS-Tech

Below are some examples of 3D custom environments and locations where we installed them.

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