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PST Software Suite 5.2.0

PST Software Suite version 5.2.0 release notes

  • Added option to import and export tracking target models as human-readable JSON files.
  • Now setting exposure level to 50% for newly installed systems. This should prevent most situations where nothing is tracked when running the PST for the first time.
  • Fixed a number of REST server stability issues.
  • Improved command-line help information for PST-Rest using –help.
  • Fixed timestamp inaccuracy issue for standard PST systems.
  • Unified all data timestamps for all communication protocols. All timestamps now use system boot time (Windows) or epoch (Linux) as reference time.
  • Added option to use relative (0-based) timestamp for CSV log files.
  • Fixed bug where PST-Client could get stuck in minimized mode.
  • Added C, C# and Python language bindings for the PST SDK C++ API.
  • The PST SDK Tracker object constructor now takes “” (empty string) as arguments for config path, config file and db file. This simplifies setting the grabber name.
  • The grabber name provided to the PST SDK Tracker object constructor can now contain or be a path to the camera config xml file.
  • Camera configuration XML files now use $XML_PATH instead of $ORIGIN to locate camera plugins relative to XML file.
  • Improved error messages for incorrect camera configuration files.
  • Changed linking to libstdc++ on Linux to dynamic linking.
  • Changed the PST SDK C++ API interface to no longer use STL types but use custom types instead. This holds for Strings, Vectors and Arrays.
  • No longer supplying debug_no_redist folder containing debug versions of PST SDK libraries. Debug applications can now be linked properly to the release versions of the libraries found in the Redist folder.
  • Tracker::Shutdown() is now a static function, removing the need of declaring the Tracker object globally to allow handling application termination.
  • Added PST SDK function EnableLogging() to get pst-server-level logging information from the PST SDK.

Legacy downloads

PST Client 3.5.1

PST Client version 3.5.1 release notes

  • This version does not support HD and Pico trackers