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PST Software Suite 6.0.0
PST Software Suite version 6.0.0 release notes BINARY COMPATIBILIY =================== Applications built with earlier version of the PST SDK are incompatible with version 6.0.0 NEW FEATURES ============
  • PST SDK: Added new get single measurement functionality that enables the user to poll for the latest 6DoF 3D pose measurement once instead of listening to the data stream continuously. This functionality is mostly useful when measurements are only required at irregular times upon user request.
  • PST SDK: Added tracker status listener functionality. The listener class now allows a user to implement the OnTrackerMode status listener function, providing real-time status information from the PST system. The status listener will receive updates on events like the PST system starting, pausing or being disconnected.
  • PST SDK: Extended the target pose information received from the PST SDK with information on the markers used to determine the target pose. This information is provided as a list of the markers used and their measured 3D position. Note that this additional information makes the target pose data retrieved from the PST SDK incompatible with previous versions of the PST SDK.
  • PST SDK: Added LoadCalibrationFromLocalPath option to load camera calibration files from a local path. This way a user can initialize a new PST system through the PST SDK.
  • PST SDK: Added GetConnectedCameraUrls option to get URLs for downloading the camera calibration files necessary to initialize the currently connected PST system.
  • PST SDK: Added ImportJSONModel option to Import a JSON-formatted target model to the model database. The function takes a SJON-formatted string according to the specification found in Appendix A of the PST Manual.
  • PST SDK: Added ExportJSONModel option to export a target model from the model database as a JSON-formatted string. The function returns a SJON-formatted string according to the specification found in Appendix A of the PST Manual.
  • PST SDK: Added RemoveTargetModel option to remove any target model from the target database.
  • PST-Client: Added option to show target name next to target pose in the main Tracking Options tab.
  • PST-Client: Added currently set exposure time next to shutter slider on the main Tracking options tab.
IMPROVEMENTS ============
  • General: Improved PST connection stability. PST tools will no longer crash when the PST gets disconnected while in operation. Instead, tools will detect disconnects and can be resumed after the PST has been reconnected. When using the PST SDK, the user will have to call Start to resume tracking. The changes made to improve connection stability make all individual components of version 6.0.0 incompatible with previous releases of the software.
  • General: Improved target detection and tracking when 3-marker detection is enabled. 3-marker detection now also works for targets with up to 5 markers.
  • PST SDK: Improved Python deployment instructions in the PST SDK Manual.
  • PST-Client: Improved tracker initialization dialog to put preferred “Download” option as the first option.
  • PST-Client: Improved instructions on acquiring calibration files when automated download fails.
  • PST-Client: Improved logging capabilities. CSV log files will no longer silently be overwritten. Added option to automatically timestamp files. Added option to chose type of timestamp used for individual data samples.
  • PST-Client: Improved the performance of opening the Reference System tab when the user has many trained target models in the Targets list.
BUGFIXES ========
  • General: Fixed issue where under certain conditions filtering would be enabled for some targets while being disabled for others.
  • General: Fixed issue where filtering settings would not be maintained correctly when switching between different tracker modes.
  • PST SDK: Calling Tracker Start() no longer implicitly enables filtering.
  • PST SDK: Fixed issue where changing filtering state before starting the tracker had no effect.
  • PST-Client: Fixed downloading of calibration files from network drives.
  • PST-Client: Fixed issue where the new target model would not properly be activated after importing a JSON file.
  • PST-Client: Fixed a crash that could occur when failing to import a JSON model file.
  • PST-Client: Fixed issue here sometimes it would be impossible to close the PST-Client on tracker disconnected events due to open dialog windows.

Previous versions

PST Software Suite 5.2.0
PST Software Suite version 5.2.0 release notes
  • Added option to import and export tracking target models as human-readable JSON files.
  • Now setting exposure level to 50% for newly installed systems. This should prevent most situations where nothing is tracked when running the PST for the first time.
  • Fixed a number of REST server stability issues.
  • Improved command-line help information for PST-Rest using –help.
  • Fixed timestamp inaccuracy issue for standard PST systems.
  • Unified all data timestamps for all communication protocols. All timestamps now use system boot time (Windows) or epoch (Linux) as reference time.
  • Added option to use relative (0-based) timestamp for CSV log files.
  • Fixed bug where PST-Client could get stuck in minimized mode.
  • Added C, C# and Python language bindings for the PST SDK C++ API.
  • The PST SDK Tracker object constructor now takes “” (empty string) as arguments for config path, config file and db file. This simplifies setting the grabber name.
  • The grabber name provided to the PST SDK Tracker object constructor can now contain or be a path to the camera config xml file.
  • Camera configuration XML files now use $XML_PATH instead of $ORIGIN to locate camera plugins relative to XML file.
  • Improved error messages for incorrect camera configuration files.
  • Changed linking to libstdc++ on Linux to dynamic linking.
  • Changed the PST SDK C++ API interface to no longer use STL types but use custom types instead. This holds for Strings, Vectors and Arrays.
  • No longer supplying debug_no_redist folder containing debug versions of PST SDK libraries. Debug applications can now be linked properly to the release versions of the libraries found in the Redist folder.
  • Tracker::Shutdown() is now a static function, removing the need of declaring the Tracker object globally to allow handling application termination.
  • Added PST SDK function EnableLogging() to get pst-server-level logging information from the PST SDK.

Legacy downloads

PST Client 3.5.1
PST Client version 3.5.1 release notes
  • This version does not support HD and Pico trackers