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PST Software Suite 5.1.0

PST Software Suite version 5.1.0 release notes

  • Created 64bit Windows builds of the entire PST Software Suite. Developers can now use the 64bit C++ PST SDK on Windows
  • Improved stability of the REST server
  • Improved handling of Saving/Importing and Exporting of tracking targets
    • Now asking to save changes to tracking targets before exporting or importing
    • Now selecting new/updated target after importing/changing the name of a tracking target
  • Fixed a bug where the IP address used for VRPN could change when adding/removing network adapters/IP addresses on the system (e.g. when using VPN)

Legacy downloads

PST Client 3.5.1

PST Client version 3.5.1 release notes

  • This version does not support HD and Pico trackers