About PS-tech

About us

PS-tech was founded in 2005 as Personal Space Technologies B.V. and is a spin-off company of the Center for Mathematics and Computer Science (www.cwi.nl). The company is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. PS-tech specializes in pre-calibrated marker based optical bar tracking systems for industrial, academic and medical applications.

Our systems are found in hospitals, industrial design environments, research institutes, museums and universities. Business areas range from industrial design, training and simulation, serious gaming to the car industry.

Our products are characterized by their robustness, completeness and ease of use. We want our users to focus on their task at hand and not worry about the 3D technologies that support them. When its is accurate enough to operate with, stable enough to use in a flight simulator and robust enough to be handled by firefighters we dare to give our technologies into the hands of just about anyone.