Data Transfer

Quick access to PST tracking data is offered through multiple standardized communication protocols. Export data as a simple CSV file for quick analysis, use the open VRPN protocol to send tracking results over a network connection or integrate results into existing solutions using ART’s DTrack or Mechdyne’s trackd protocols.

The PST Client is your data-hub

Start the PST Server and PST Client, choose your favorite data transfer protocol and start collecting live data. The data will start flowing in as soon as it is gathered. Use your favorite tool to analyze the data, or store it somewhere for future use.

CSV Export

Directly write the timestamped 6DoF tracking results to a CSV file. Import the file directly into your favorite data analysis tool like Excel or Pandas and start crunching those numbers.

Data transfer protocols

Live data streams can be accessed using several different protocols. The VRPN protocol enables quick sharing of tracking data over a network connection. The DTrack protocol provides a data stream that is compatible with ART devices, making the PST easy to use with ART compatible systems. The dtrack protocol makes the PST compatible with many CAVE-like environments.