PST Software Suite 5

Software for the PST optical trackers

PS-tech’s PST Software Suite 5 is the control center for your PST optical tracker. The PST Software Suite 5 is used to communicate between a PC and your PST. The PST is connected to the PC using USB. The PST Software Suite 5 enables the distribution of tracking data to other applications using various channels such as a native C++ API or an ethernet connection. The PST Software Suite 5 gives you access to one or multiple optical trackers*.

Key Features

  • Direct interaction using the PST Client application
  • Direct integration into your own application, no need for the PST Client application
    • Native C++ API for full integration
    • REST server offering HTTP access to the PST
  • Using other protocols such as TrackD and VRPN
  • The Classic PST SDK that requires the PST Client application
  • Full Windows and Linux support*

More details about the PST Software Suite 5

*Available for selected PST systems

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